Sunday, May 26, 2013

Epic Wedding Fails!

There's nothing funnier than people falling on their asses... even more so when it happens at a wedding  (as long as it's not on your big day!).  And who first had the bright idea to include little kids in the ceremony, anyway?

Wardrome malfunction? More like a Wardrobe Complete Disaster! And everyone keeps on shooting pictures...

Your stoned best man dunks the bride and the preacher? That's a fail...

Yes, it's all fun and games until that one person gets too drunk and shows everyone how to have a good time. Watch the bride's reaction, her perfect day unravelling before her beady little eyes. No sweetheart, that's not a stripper pole. You just know that drunken tart wore a blood red dress to try to upstage the bride. Speaking of blood red...

Speaking of bad ideas, what happens when your jealous ex-lover shows up to wreck the wedding? Brawl!

Start this one in at minute 5:00. This union has disaster written all over it. Notice how clean cut and formal all the guys are, right down to military blues... but the minister is a long-haired hippy. Wait until you see the ring bearer, Eddie Munster lives. Who knows what the DJ was smoking... wrong march dummy, it's not Captain Picard's wedding!

Grandma wants to make an announcement... and it's not to present a check so nothing good can come of that! Thanks to her speech 20 people walked out on the wedding minutes before the ceremony got underway. (And granny called the other family a "clan," that's some passive-aggressiveness there.)

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