Monday, August 5, 2013

David Cassidy's Schlong, Joan Collins Threatened Lawsuit

In the new Shirley Jones memoir she describes David Cassidy's private parts. I haven't read the book so I don't know exactly what she said but I do have some insight into that.

I dated a guy who told me, and I believed him, that he had been with both David and Shaun Cassidy (for pay). He described them as being very generously endowed, the guy I was with was freakishly big which is why I believed him. A careful reading of David Cassidy's auto-bio it's pretty clear he was bisexual.

(I also used to see Danny Bonaduce selling pot in the parking lot of The Country Club, a rock venue in Reseda in 1980.)

Just read where Joan Collins threatened to sue Shirley Jones so they took her story out of the memoir - which is weird because a celebrity can't sue for defamation unless it's a completely outrageous story, and even then... don't see how that story defames HER! (Shirley claimed Collin's husband Anthony Newley back in the late-1960s was proposing an orgy between Newley & Collins and Shirley and her husband Jack Cassidy.)

Joan Collins made a career out of being a slut - matter of fact for about 2 years after I got to LA in 1979 there was a billboard on Sunset Blvd. that had her in a bondage outfit and big letters that read 'Joan Collins is The Bitch.'

Sunday, August 4, 2013

If Minimum Wage Kept Up With Inflation What Would A Big Mac Cost Today?

In 1980 the minimum wage was $3.35. A Big Mac cost $1.59. 

If wages kept up with inflation that Big Mac would cost around $7.00 today - but with a minimum wage of $17.00 (what 1980's MW would be in today's dollars) it would be much less of a bite out of a MW earner's hourly pay than it is today.