Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dumbass of the Week Soon to Be Rich No Doubt

Gallery owner Anthony Harris in Macon, Georgia is flying the flag of the Nazi Party after coming under criticism for flagpoling the Stars & Bars of the Confederacy. The savvy businessman can't understand the fuss, he was waving the Celtic Cross, a fave of racists everywhere, before the Confederate flag was fronting his building. "This was last week’s flag at SEVEN — The Celtic Cross, which has been co-opted by a skinhead group. No one complained an iota about this one. Two words: Media Propaganda." 
Or maybe, because most folks aren't virulent racists, no one realized what it was. I wouldn't have recognized it as such, unless of course it was the version that includes the phrase: “White Pride World Wide.”  I'm pretty sure the media would have been out post haste if that was the case!
He apparently doesn't realize he's owning the notion that these 3 flags symbolize the same things, that they are all symbols of hate, rendering his argument mute. Let me guess what's next. He'll be "Hounded out of business" then raise a ton of money on a crowdsourcing site. More lucrative than a Going Out Of Business sale that's for sure...