Sunday, July 30, 2017

30th Anniversary of the Chicago TV Terrorist Attack!

It's almost too frightening to consider. What would happen if our trusted media outlets were suddenly hijacked by a cabal of dissident ideologues, subjecting an unsuspecting public to relentless disinformation campaigns littered with vile, slanted viewpoints and twisted facts designed to brainwash the masses?
Come to think of it, how would we know the difference?!?

Recent articles about the possibility of foreign terrorists taking out the internet with worms and viruses reminded me of a time on November 22nd 1987 when a couple of guys, one wearing a Max Headroom Mask, took over the television airwaves in Chicago, disabling two different stations in order to broadcast their own twisted idea of entertainment.

A little history: Max Headroom (played by Matt Frewer) was an investigative journalist in a fictional TV series set in an apocalyptic future. With a crude, choppy signal Max would break into the official TV news reports with his own reportage that was embarrassing to the powers that be. (He also was seen in dozens of Coke commercials in the 1980s.)

The first 'Denial of TV Service Attack' on that November night in 1987 took place during WGN's live nightly news program. Stunned viewers saw was someone approximating the Max Headroom persona standing in front of a moving corrogated metal background with only an odd buzzing sound heard. In less than 30 seconds WGN engineers moved their signal to another transmitter, regaining control.

(WGN was already on alert for such anomolies - four years earlier cold weather caused a signal jump resulting in the Bozo show being replaced by Fast Times at Ridgemont High, nudity and profanity intact.)

It got a lot weirder when 'Max' returned on the local PBS station WTTW at around 11:15pm, during an episode of Dr. Who.

This time the TV Pirates were more successful, they used their minute and a half of airtime to berate liberals and "newspaper nerds." The guy in the Max mask shot the finger to the camera and hummed the Clutch Cargo theme song. He waved around a Pepsi can while repeating Coke's slogan "Catch the Wave" - then retrieved the Pepsi can saying, "Your love is fading."
Then the unthinkable happened. 'Max Headroom' dropped trou in order to allow his accomplish (his brother?) who was wearing a dress to take a flyswatter to his bare behind. During Dr. Who no less, was nothing sacred?!?
WTTW engineers tried frantically to kill the signal but were unable to before the electronic ------ ended abruptly.

This was surely the tackiest terror attack of all time but the assailants were never discovered. No doubt if they had come forward they would probably be big time TV producers now, after all their minute and a half show was still better than last week's Two and a Half Men.

We all know if the ratings had been good for the 'Show Me Your Ass And I'll Paddle It' program it would still be on today. At the very least, WTTW should air this during pledge breaks...

More at TVparty!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Missing FEUD? Read About Joan Crawford in Greensboro!

“The best time I ever had with Joan Crawford was when I pushed her down the stairs in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.” — Bette Davis

It began innocently enough. Eleven-year old Chester Arnold Jr. had acquired 5 shares of Pepsi common stock in 1957 but, after seeing the financial world spoof The Solid Gold Cadillac, he suddenly grew concerned about his investment. He fired off a letter to Pepsi’s chairman Alfred Steele to ask if his board of directors was, “crooked like those people in the movie.” No, really, he did.

Perhaps at the insistence of his wife, who understood more than anyone the power of publicity, the boy and his parents were flown to New York and put up at the Waldorf Astoria where Alfred Steele and his new bride, one of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars, Joan Crawford were staying while their two-story Fifth Avenue penthouse was undergoing a major renovation. The Steele’s planned trip to Greensboro later in the week would provide the perfect Hollywood ending to a real life fairy tale come true — plucky small town boy meets glamorous movie queen with the lights of Manhattan as their backdrop.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nathan Stringer Summer Music Show on DVD!

It was almost a year ago when I told Nathan I was going to produce a local music TV series and he was going to be the host.  I could see the disappointment on his face, like, “What’s the angle here?  Because that’s not going to happen and now he’s taking my picture and shit’s getting weird!”  But I don’t just talk about doing something, I do it!  And I’m really pleased with The Nathan Stringer Summer Music Show…

Authentic Southern singer songwriters from the Greensboro musical underground - that’s what this show is all about!  Four half hours of amazing music starring Grand Ole Uproar, Bob Fleming, Taylor Bays, DC Carter, Rachel Amick, Josh Crocker, Grady Riddle, and Gavan Holden. Along with videos from Bare the Traveler, Ameriglow, Jack Carter & the Armory, and Savage Music Clique.  

Hosted by that legendary partymonster, super-sexy Nathan Stringer!  Gorgeous gals & guys and crazy classic TV commercials!  OJ Simpson vs Chevy Nova!  Bette Davis vs Aunt Bee! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Joan Crawford's Feud with Lucy!

Now that the mini-series Feud, the Bette Davis / Joan Crawford slugfest, let's look back at another clash Crawford had with a big star, none other than Lucille Ball, the Queen of Television.

Lucy's Backstage Battles also includes clashes with Tallulah Bankhead and Liz Taylor & Richard Burton!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Trump Hates Nathan Stringer Summer Music Show!

This is sooooo rude!  Our President can’t help himself, attacking a fine American like Nathan Stringer because his TV show only has 5 followers!  Show your resistance to Donald Trump by ‘Following’ The Nathan Stringer Summer Music Show!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Nathan Stringer Summer Music Show #1

Authentic Southern acoustic singer songwriters from the Greensboro musical underground - that’s what this show is all about!  Here’s the first episode starring Grand Ole Uproar and Taylor Bays with videos from Ameriglow and Jack Carter & The Armory. Interspersed are wild, crazy classic commercials from the TVparty! vault - you can’t beat that! Produced by Billy Ingram, directed by Les Butchart with sound by Mark Robertson. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Make America Skate Again! Nathan Stringer Summer Music Show - episode 3

Make America Skate Again!  

Episode 3 of the Nathan Stringer Summer Music Show is live : Musical numbers by DC Carter and Rachel Amick with another super-groovy video by Ameriglow!  And… gorgeous guys & girls!  Along with crazy vintage TV commercials! The first advert is the notorious 1970’s ‘VD Is For Everybody’ spot - also a two minute musical jingle compilation starring Cal Worthington and his dog Spot for all my SoCal friends!


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Turn on the sun! The Nathan Stringer Summer Music Show!

Starring the melodic tones of Bob Fleming. Along with live performances by Josh Crocker and Grady Riddle plus hypnotic music videos produced by Wil Davis & Tom Walker for Savage Music Clique and Taylor Bays & The Laser Rays.

This is the second episode of a local music show from the Greensboro underground. What happens when Nathan Stringer doesn’t show up to host the show? Two of Nathan's bevy of beauties - China Morgan & Laura Burbach - and former President Richard M. Nixon step into the role.

Interspersed are wild, crazy classic commercials from the TVparty! vault - you can’t beat that!  Look for The Nathan Stringer Summer Music Show on You Tube!