Sunday, June 1, 2014

Joan Davis : America's Queen of Film, Radio and Television Comedy

I'm always excited to discover a new book about a legendary performer that has been largely forgotten, buried in our modern slag heap of pop culture. Especially if that person was also an influential producer and trend setter. 'Joan Davis : America's Queen of Film, Radio and Television Comedy' is one such book.

Although Joan Davis, star of early TV's 'I Married Joan', may not be as famous as Lucille Ball - perhaps because her success came before the days of color TV - she was no less important in a time when women were more or less confined to lesser, subservient roles. No blushing flower, Davis possessed a brash personality, bowling over the men who got in her way with a signature sardonic, if somewhat daffy, tone.

'Joan Davis : America's Queen of Film, Radio and Television Comedy' author David C. Tucker does a marvelous job examining this pioneering woman's career with detailed synopsis of all of her films and various series and guest appearances. It's filled with wonderful photos and written in a casual, easy-going manner that is most pleasing.

By all means take time to look at this multi-media superstar's remarkable life in this important, deeply researched book. Anyone interested in 1940s and 1950s entertainment (Joan Davis died in 1961) will find it chock full of useful information about the heyday of network radio as it evolved into the early days of TV. And if you're curious about the role of women in developing the modern sitcom this book is required reading.

You can purchase the book from the publisher McFarland or from Amazon.