Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Is This the Face of the Zodiac Killer?

Last month a guy in upstate New York claimed his best friend confessed to the Zodiac killings, he was (in this telling) Louis Myers who began his killing spree at age 17, inspired to do so because of a breakup with his girlfriend. That's why he targeted couples. Myers (apropos name, huh?) died in 2001.

There is evidence that puts Louis Myers in the right place / right time to have committed the twisted series of murders that took place in the Bay Area of California in 1968-69. Here's more on the story and a closer look at the killings.

Legendary Movie Trailer Voice Over Artist Hal ('In A World...') Douglas has died...

One of the kings of the movie trailer voice-over, known (along with Don LaFontaine) for his deep, resonant 'In A World...' teasers over the three or four decades, died on March 7, 2014. Unlike other masters of the genre Hal lived in Virginia, not LA.


Here's a great example that shows Hal at work, you'll also remember him from hundreds of TV show and cable network ads.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Not That Anyone Will Miss It - But Say Goodbye To Sbarro.

Billy Joel wrote 'Say Goodbye to Hollywood,' a song that captured an aching sense of longing for the great times of the past. Contrast that with this - Say Goodbye to Sbarro.  Two trends are converging that threaten to make one of America's best known restaurant chains - Sbarro - extinct. Notice I said best known, not best loved.

For one Americans are eating a lot less take-away pizza in general, in favor of other quick finger food options like Chipotle. And shoppers are avoiding malls as well, it's a trend that has finally run its course, thousands of shopping centers have been shuttered around the country over the last few years.

When your business model is predicated on selling sub-standard, bland pizza at the mall you're screwed. That's why Sbarro corporate is experimenting with new (hopefully better tasting) custom pies in stand alone stores. But when your name is synonymous with bad food you have a PR nightmare to overcome first.

And Sbarro filed for bankruptcy for the second time in 3 years today. This following the closing of 155 locations in February 2014. My only question - what took so long?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Johnny Carson Sex Tape Surfaces (No, For Real!)

News has surfaced of a Johnny Carson sex tape, and it appears to be legit.

Reportedly the film starts out with Johnny massaging his johnny poolside, as you do,  before his wife (no one's sure which one) enters the picture to give him oral pleasure. The scene then switches to the bedroom where Carson uses his porn star sized member to... well, you can guess the rest.

The Carson Trust has threatened to sue the owner of the video if it is mass produced and distributed (because Carson owned the copyright on his sex acts, right?) so some lucky (rich) collector will end up with it. Of course, everything finds its way to the net eventually.