Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dramatic & Emotional 'Coming Out' Videos

Why do people put their most intimate moments online for everyone to see? I have no idea - what could be more personal and private than the moment you come out of the closet to your parents? And yet here we are...

This young man breaks the news to his relatives during a game of Spades. It's a remarkable moment of reluctance and acceptance; not unlike coming to the realization that you are gay in the first place. Amazing.

This fellow takes a more aggressive approach:

An emotional build-up to telling mom, he's stating the obvious but how sweet...

One of the most compelling coming out videos from a few years ago, a nervous serviceman breaks the news to his father in Alabama.

And then he tells his mom who's "more conservative" than dad...

A heartbreaking ending... but you have to give the poor family members credit, it's not something many people can process easily, over the phone. Sometimes it takes years to accept.

Then there's showing up at church with your boyfriend in Gibson County, TN. When your Daddy's the Pastor? Gunshots break out!  Weeks later the Pastor was arrested on charges of theft. Hey, 'Thou Shalt Not Steal' IS in the top ten - but not being gay isn't.