Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Eve 1947 Massacre

Christmas Eve 1947 was one of the most unforgettable in Greensboro, NC history - a madman on a murderous rampage with the city on lockdown. Relive the puzzling events of that night.  Also: Nationally renowned firefighter Calvin "Moon" Wyrick was the city's beloved Santa for generations... why did he abruptly stop wearing the suit in 1969?  It's the cover story in the latest Yes! Weekly. 
Peering into the kitchen, the shadowy figure first notices Mrs. Ollie Martin, for whom this Christmastime is so very merry. With sugar and flour shortages a thing of the past, three multi-layer cakes sit cooling on the piano. After some last minute shopping for her two baby grandchildren Mrs. Martin is overall quite happy with the carefully wrapped packages she’s placed under the tree. She’s ironing her husband’s Santa Claus suit for a big to do in the morning when, from outside the window, DeSantis unloads his shotgun twice into David Martin who’s relaxing nearby in his rocking chair. Two more rounds tear through Martin’s daughter-in-law Madella as she tries to stand. Attempting to make it out of the home, Ollie Martin cries out when the gunman appears in her path, pumping two buckshot charges through the glass front door. She falls backward into the gaily decorated entrance hall spattered now in blood and shards.