Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Matt Bomer in The Normal Heart on HBO

Check out Jim Longworth's awesome interview with Matt Bomer, one of the stars in HBO's upcoming 'The Normal Heart', a drama that takes place during the 1980s AIDS epidemic. Here's an excerpt:

Bomer definitely knows about taking risks. While still the star of his own prime time drama series, he came out at the 2012 Chase awards ceremony. The year before he had quietly married Simon Halls and they now have three beautiful children. Of course, Matt was just a child himself when Kramer's play takes place, so I wondered if he could identify with the characters in the film.

MB: Absolutely. I think anybody who's ever come out can identify with that in some regard. Because YOU don't change, but the perspective of the way the world sees you, and the way other people see you, can change.

In my previous life time designing movie posters Barbra Streisand had the rights to 'The Normal Heart'. Before I left LA in '94 it was on our schedule - and was a go - when abruptly she moved over instead to 'The Mirror Has Two Faces'.

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