Thursday, May 30, 2013

What Corporate Execs 'Knew' About the Internet in 1998

A 1998 survey of Fortune 1000 senior executives found a general lack of knowledge when it came to computers and the Internet. 43% thought Fiona Apple was a computer brand - and that was when the singer was on the pop charts. 53% of the corporate titans thought an Arch Deluxe was a PC part, while 98% of sixth graders surveyed knew that was actually a burger from McDonalds.

Less than a quarter of the executives could explain what a modem did, 93% of sixth graders surveyed could. 68% of the guys in ties thought the Net was owned by a corporation, 23% believed it was Microsoft's property. A decade and a half later the Internet goes on but when was the last time you saw an Arch Deluxe?