Friday, May 31, 2013

Phil Spector & Cher in the 1970s?

TV Blog : Cher TV Show In 1974 Phil Spector gathered some favorite vocalists from his 1960s hit recording sessions and laid down some amazing tracks. Dion, Darlene Love, Harry Nilsson and Cher were all enveloped in Spector's layered Wall of Sound, I believe this was the last time the volatile producer employed this technique in the classical sixties sense.

Here's Cher singing 'A Woman's Story' from those recording dates, this was shortly after breaking professionally (for a time, anyway) with Sonny Bono in 1974. The elaborate production was idiosyncratic compared to songs by The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac riding the top 40 charts at the time.

Another track Cher recorded during those dates was Ronnie Spector's 'Baby I Love You'; this time Phil simplified the arrangement and slowed the song down considerably for a glistening effect. These tunes were released as a 45 in 1975 but failed to chart.

Spector also produced a duet with Cher and Nilsson that went nowhere as a single.

While these sessions didn't deliver any hits, they represent some of the best work from both Cher and Darlene Love. Love's 'I Love Him Like I Love My Very Life' was released in 1977, hoping to capitalize on the Philadelphia Sound that was popular, but it failed to chart.