Saturday, June 1, 2013

Vince Neil Throws Himself at the Mercy of the Television

Damn, I used to know Vince Neil when he was a skinny kid in spandex prancing up Santa Monica Boulevard to pick up the posters for his new band Motley Crue. I can't even recognize the bloated middled aged accountant with a plastic hip that he's become.

Stars often tape public service announcements for TV. They do it for different reasons, some altruistic, some of a more skin saving nature. Here incorrigible rocker Vince Neil, urged New Yorkers not to drink and drive. Let me guess - he got picked up for DUI in that state.

I said incorrigible because here's Vince extolling the virtues of sobriety in 2010, proud of his many years sober, free from the insidious grip of liquor and drugs. The week after this interview aired Vince was popped in Vegas for boozin' and usin'. You have to admire his shamelessness. And my callousness given my own past and present proclivities!

It used to be rock stars reveled in their drunken decadence, now they're going out of their way trying to convince us that they're sober when they aren't. I'm not sure that's progress.