Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crazy 1970s Romance Comics Covers

I was a comic collector back in the day. I didn't read the so-called romance comics but they did have some wild covers - check out these gems from the 1970s.

TV Blog / 1970's Comic Book Covers
This poor hippy chick is literally a doormat... but lying in the front lawn comes in handy when you want to know what's going on in the neighborhood.
Cover artist: Nick Cardy.

TV Blog / 1970's Comic Book Covers
This cover would have worked even better as a horror comic, why is the Bride of Chuckie ambushing this nice young couple?
Cover artists: Bob Oskner & Vince Colletta.
TV Blog / 1970's Comic Book Covers
Pity the poor fashionably dressed blonde with the perfect body and the Merle Norman makeup job - she's shy. Really?!? That's a first.
Cover artists: Bob Oskner & Dick Giordano.
TV Blog / 1970's Comic Book Covers
This guy's rounding second base - on a comic book cover! Not surprisingly, it was one of the last in DC's romance line.
Cover artists: John Rosenberger & Vince Colletta (Okay, I'm guessing at these).