Thursday, May 30, 2013


Tallulah Bankhead was not only a legendary stage and film actress she was also one of the hardest partying dames around who was prone to do - or say - anything to anybody.

If there was a fellow entertainer Tallulah despised it was Bette Davis. Bette was hot again in 1950 with All About Eve and Tallulah felt her performance was a ripoff of her acting style... and it was. It was only natural Tallu would take a few shots at Miss Davis from the bully pulpit of her NBC radio extravaganza, 'The Big Show'.

Marlene Dietrich guest starred on Tallulah's show and the two quickly bared their claws. This is a hilariously funny routine... just as clever today. Plus you get to hear Marlene singing her signature tune, 'Falling in Love Again.'

What happened when Martha Raye ('The Big Mouth') and Tallulah Bankhead got together - rat-a-tat-tat humor from The Big Show in 1951. Those were the days! (I guess - I hadn't been born yet.)