Saturday, May 25, 2013

Michael Jackson on The Dating Game in 1972?!?

In the 1970s The Dating Game would book celebrities and pop stars for their bachelors and bachelorettes, after all they looked good on TV and could deliver a media savvy performance. Did they actually go out on the dates? Who knows.

Believe it or don't, 13-year old Michael Jackson was a contestant on a 'very special' 1972 episode of The Dating Game. This was when he first attempted to escape his sick family with a top ten solo album, singing sweet chart-toppers like 'Ben' and 'Rockin' Robin' - years before he turned weird and white.

Just think if The Dating Game had set Michael up with 3 boys his own age he might have had the first appropriate relationship of his life.

BONUS: The Dating Game in '73 - won't the bachelorettes be pumped up to accompany Arnold Schwarzenegger on that romantic trip to Tijuana, Mexico?