Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cast Discusses Weird Death of TV's Superman

In 1976 Tom Snyder interviewed the cast of The Adventures of Superman, this was in conjunction with Gary Grossman's fantastic book on the series, 'Superman Serial to Cereal' - in my mind one of the best ever written about any TV show. Gary is seen here with Noel Neill, Robert Shayne and Jack Larson as they discuss the Superman production and the weird circumstances surrounding the death of George Reeves.

I met Noel Neill in 2004, I was appearing at the Hollywood Celebrity Show in Burbank. On Sunday morning, as everyone was setting up, I visited her table to give her a copy of my book, 'TVparty! Television's Untold Tales'. There was an essay about George Reeves, when I showed it to her she sighed and said wistfully, "Oh, George..." She was so sweet, and signed a photo for me. Classy lady. She was the only thing I liked about 'Superman Returns'.