Monday, May 20, 2013

Captain Kangaroo & Star Trek?


You can still access the TVparty! Blog Archives here. I'll be posting some of the best of that blog, started back in 2006.

That same year this book was released, one that I think animation and comic book fans might be interested in... 'Dear John: The Alex Toth Doodle Book.' It's a bit different than any other book you've ever seen before, a collection of correspondence and sketches from the master artist Alex Toth's last 25 years.

The original props and costumes from the original Captain Kangaroo show are being auctioned off. Mr. Green Jean's overalls, the Dancing Bear costume, Bunny Rabbit... now is your chance to own a bit of TV history. Sadly, there are almost no existing copies of the entire CBS run of Captain Kangaroo.

So far 'Star Trek Into Darkness' has taken in $84 million, probably would have been higher if they waited a week and gave Iron Man 3 a chance to wind down at the box office. Look at this perfect Wally Wood lighting effect from the film. I'll wait until the crowds peter out before going - I still haven't seen a 3-D movie, after a lifetime of being burned by ineffective 3-D techniques I had a hard time buying in again, so I guess this will be the one.