Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The First (Awful) Lost In Space Revival

In 1973 Lost In Space was re-imagined by Hanna-Barbera as an animated pilot for a possible Saturday Morning series, it was broadcast on ABC's Saturday Superstar Movie. Jonathan Harris provided the voice of Dr. Smith, the only original cast member to be involved and the only recognizable character other that the 'robon' which looks kinda-sorta similar to the Robinson's pet robot. Why adapt a much loved TV series and eliminate almost every element of the original that made it so popular in the first place? Since 20th Century Fox and Irwin Allen owned the property they could have created likenesses of the rest of the cast without paying them (as they almost did with Uhura in the animated Star Trek) but why redesign the iconic space ship? It was a sloppy poorly produced effort that deserved to be passed over, with no redeeming qualities other than a few decent Jonathan Harris moments.