Monday, June 17, 2013

Uncalled For T-Shirt Designs

Folks seem to like the columns on Fast Food Joints, here's an oldie but wierdie.

retro T-Shirts
Does anyone know if Tony's Pizza was a chain? Sure looks like it by the sign. This particular business was on Battleground in Greensboro, NC and closed in 1974, replaced by The Grinder. I seem to remember the pizza was really good at Tony's, we ate lunch there in high school a lot.

retro T-Shirts
Wow. Quite the tourist spot, eh?

boardless hodad - Frank Frazetta T Shirt

From a Frank Frazetta public service ad in the 1960s.

See the entire couture collection here. Very fashionable, don't you know? If you live in a neighborhood you'll surely be the envy of it.


T-Shirts with obscure 1970s references are the latest fad so I knocked out a few that are sure to turns some heads.

Century - classic T Shirt
Legendary San Fran porn theater

Flight of the Conchords style T-Shirts
'Nuff said!

The Odyssey - Flight of the Conchords style T-Shirts
Infamous gay / straight new wave disco owned by Eddie Nash (Wonderland murders).

Basic Plumbing gay sex club T-Shirts
Basic Plumbing, 1980's gay sex club on the former premises where Manson murder victim hairdresser Jay Sebring had his shop.

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