Friday, June 21, 2013

The Merry Mailman : 50s TV Kiddie Host

Merry Mailman

Merry Mailman
Ray Heatherton as The Merry Mailman entertained the toddlers in the New York City area in the 50s and 60s, he also had a successful children's recording.

According to expert Kevin Butler: "The Merry Mailman" was seen weekday evenings and afternoons on WOR TV 9 in NYC from Monday October 16, 1950 to Friday June 22, 1956. Sadly, Mr. Heatherton became a victim of the Communist witch hunts, when a bogus supermarket chain owner wrongly accused him of being in support of 'the Red Menace'. The show began to lose ratings and sponsors as a result. Tom O'Neil didn't believe that Ray Heatherton was a communist and agreed to maintain the series as a station-supported show.

These recordings from the Merry Mailman single are scratchy but here's the theme song:

And Happy Birthday:

I'm not sure this program would work today, the mailmen just aren't that merry anymore...

Ray Heatherton's last network gig was as the co-host of 'Joey & Dad' with his daughter Joey Heatherton, a summer replacement series for Cher in 1975.