Monday, June 17, 2013

Rock 'em Sock 'em Kid Shows of the 50s

 kiddie tv shows I was digging around and found the very first children's TV page I ever created, back in 1994. It's called 'Bizarre Kid Shows' - real kiddie shows that could be found on television sixty or more years ago, weird programs like:

Kid Gloves

Only in the fifties - toddler and pre-teen boys don boxing gloves and battle to the finish! You have to admit, that one kid with the upper cut has good form...

Produced in Philadelphia, the series was an audience hit in 1951 but lasted only 26 weeks because - big surprise - no one would sponsor it.

The announcer was Bill Sears with commentary by Boxing Commissioner John De Groza; the ref was Frank Goodman.

tv kiddie shows

Star Time

Holy Jon Benet! Wee ones competing in a weekly fashion show circa 1952.

TV kid shows of the fifties

Strong Man

Kids competing in feats of strength - the prize was the opportunity to be gawked at on the Steel Pier in Atlanta for a week.

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