Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fabulous Moms Mabley

Moms Mabley was perhaps the funniest woman ever to take to the stage, a completely original act. The sight of this little old lady toddling out was cute enough, but then she would tell the most wicked stories. She was a loud voice for equality as well. She packed them at her nightclub dates on the 'Chitlin' Circuit' and sold millions of albums. This Brevard, NC native was a popular guest on variety shows right up to her death in 1975.

Here's a great example, 'The Good Old Days':

Have a listen to her one woman act from the mid-1960s:

At 75 years old, Moms Mabley became the oldest person ever to have a US Top 40 hit with her cover version of "Abraham, Martin and John" in July, 1969. One of her greatest performances was also her last, the lead role in a wonderful film called 'Amazing Grace' made in 1974.

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