Monday, June 17, 2013

TV Pow!

TV Pow! was played on local kids shows across the country in the late-1970s / early-1980s; it was done with a modified Fairchild System F system with simple video games like Space Battle and Intellivision Football projected on the screen.

Contestants would call into the station and 'play' the game live by saying "Pow!" when they wanted the guy at the controls to shoot. Mostly it consisted of kids saying "pow,pow,pow,pow" continuously and indiscriminately.

Here's a clip of someone playing TV Pow! (or TV Powww!), this is from Barney's Army in 1982, not a great example but interesting:

The final TV Pow! game on Barney's Army from a station in North Carolina.

Here's the opening for TV Powww! with Cap'n Mitch from 3/31/80.

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