Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Liberty Cart : NC outdoor drama in 1976

Here's a Facebook page I just set up about my time in the summer of '76 in a historical outdoor drama called 'The Liberty Cart' in Kenansville, NC.

An excerpt:

The cast was a diverse one, hired from all over but mostly from North Carolina. One of my best friends from college that year, Val McCall, was also cast in 'The Liberty Cart'. It was great to hang out with her, this was my first summer away from home, I was 19 at the time. Val was black (still is!) and, unbeknownst to us at first, the locals kept track of our whereabouts on CB Radio. The sight of a white guy and a black girl walking around town together was somewhat scandalous in '76 - after we made friends with one of the locals in particular the word go out that we were cool and everything was okay. I wondered why everyone in town were so cold to me in the shops.

The other professionals I remember were Tony Rivenbark from Wilmington, who was so angry at my getting the roles that he wanted that he tossed a refrigerator out of a two-story window during a cast party at his home; Don Williams, also African-American, he used to give me a hard time for being such a dork; Roger Jackson, a voice artist today according to his Wiki page; David Wells, a 16-year old local who now has an acting studio in LA and produced 'Elephant Sighs', a film shot in High Point starring Ed Asner; a good looking redhead who was very driven and a nice guy, can't remember his name; and Jane Barrett, a lovely actress.