Monday, June 10, 2013

Don LaFontaine & the 5 Greatest Movie Voice-Over Artists

Don LaFontaine was the movie trailer voice-over guy with the deep voice ("In a world...") who passed away in 2008. What a pro, that guy made so much money every day it would make your head spin. How long does it take to record a few lines of text in the vocal style you created? Not long - and then it's off to the next job.

When I worked in motion picture advertising I always knew when Don was in the building because there would be a limo waiting at the east exit for him. Most of the stars when they came by the studio drove themselves, Tom Cruise came by motorcycle but Don always had his limo.

When everything went digital he took to recording at home, no wasted hours traveling around Los Angeles; that was far more time consuming than the jobs themselves. Of course, like all of the original cartoon characters, we'll be listening to imitations of Don's voice for the rest of our lives. Most people will never realize he's gone. While he was alive out of respect other artists would not try to mimic his voice but after his passing that's no longer true.

This is from a few years ago, you may remember it - Don gathers 5 of Hollywood's greatest motion picture voice-over talents for a limo ride to the Key Art Awards.