Friday, June 14, 2013

Creating the Main Titles for 'Robin Hood Prince of Thieves'

It was 22 years ago when my boss Tony Seiniger walked into the bullpen at 6:30pm on a Friday and asked if I would stay and storyboard the opening titles for Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. He had with him a beautiful antique weaving that he found to pan across for the background and specified white text for the titles. I had already done the typography for the poster and generally provided graphics for the trailers we produced.

The type didn't pop enough against the variegated background so I airbrushed on a yellowish-orange tint (not on the fabric on the storyboard) to flatten the colors just enough for the 'pop-ability' Tony insisted on.

When I showed him the finished art and explained the change he said, "No problem. We'll shoot it by candlelight." I was out of there by 7:30 - here's what Tony shot and what was seen on the screen: