Saturday, May 10, 2014

Two Paintings by Batman Artist Neal Adams for Steven Spielberg's HOOK


These two original 11 x 17 Neal Adams marker (or Dr. Martin's Dyes) paintings were unused movie poster designs for Steven Spielberg's HOOK, meant for a teaser poster. No more than a couple of dozen people ever saw these.

I worked for the company that commissioned these. When they moved from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills I rescued a few things from the trash, mostly random color xeroxes and a few large comps, and this was among them. I forgot I had these 2 paintings until I opened an envelope and discovered them 25 years later.

It's a miracle it didn't end up lost to the ages, I remember Adam's doing a bunch of spectacular paintings for 'Star Trek VI' hopefully they exist somewhere, I wish I had kept a set of color repros.

(I'm selling these now on Ebay along with two sketches Adams did for 'Double Impact'.)