Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Doris Day Show : She Didn't Want To Do It!

What a strange history this sitcom had - five years on the air (1968-1973) and four major format changes.

The show never should have happened. Admittedly "not a career minded person," Doris had no desire to do a TV show, in fact she was openly hostile to the idea. She'd been knocking out hit films and hot-selling record albums at a furious pace for two decades and felt she deserved a break from the business, maybe even retire altogether.

She was therefore surprised to discover after her husband's unexpected death that she was nearly broke and he had signed her - against her expressed wishes and without informing her - to star in a sitcom for CBS. To her shock and horror, filming was set to begin in just a few weeks.

"Oh, you know, I cried, but a series keeps one so busy," Doris told TV Guide in 1969, "I didn't really have time to be unhappy. And my son helped me a great deal, and still does, and I have a lot of good people around me."

Shows like Mayberry RFD and Green Acres were topping the ratings when this series debuted hence the 'country girl' approach.

From country girl to successful, sophisticated  big city gal. By '73 the country shows were gone so this season 5 opening might remind you a bit of The Mary Tyler Moore Show which was in the Top Ten on CBS at the time.

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