Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra & Jerry Lewis

TV blog / Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis on TVEveryone prolly knows about Sinatra bringing together the bitterly divorced comedy team of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis on the MDA Telethon in 1976. While Jerry sincerely wanted to reestablish a bond with Dean, Ol' Red Eyes basically had no use for his former partner. Even on the MDA Telethon Dean's banter with Jerry had none of the zing that he normally displayed on stage. Dean being in the tank probably didn't help... still, even a blasted Deano nearly always managed to be funny.

It's widely believed that Dean & Jerry never got together again but that's apparently not true as you'll hear in this exchange from a benefit concert headed by Sinatra & Martin. Who should wander on to the stage at The Aladdin on August 23, 1977 but Jerry Lewis. Again, Dean mostly just sits it out without much regard to any back and forth with the over the top comic, but listen to that audience cheer when Jerry takes the stage.


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