Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rat Pack Christmas Specials!

For the Christmas outing of The Frank Sinatra Show in 1957 Bing Crosby joined Ol' Blue Eyes for a half-hour of the most popular holiday songs of that era. This was the rare 1950s program shot in color. Although Frank's series failed to catch on, this Christmas celebration remains one of the finest, in terms of music, that the medium ever produced.

A decade later - the December 21, 1967 Christmas episode of The Dean Martin Show with guest star Frank Sinatra hit another high note.

Here are two performers that really enjoyed performing together. Dean was used to working with a partner (Jerry Lewis) but Frank wasn't - this led to some very funny ad-libbed moments. Everything Frank and Dean did together had a spontaneous feel; they didn't need rehearsals... so they didn't. With decades performing before live audiences they were prepared for anything. Sammy Davis Jr. makes a surprise appearance as well—doing his Amos 'n' Andy impression which, in hindsight, isn't terribly PC.

Also a part of this family show are Frank's kids Nancy, Tina, and Frank Jr. along with Dean's offspring Claudia, Craig, Dean Jr, Deana, Gail, Gina, Ricci, and Mrs. Martin. The highlights are tunes crooned by Dean and Frank, separately and together.

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