Thursday, January 2, 2014

Selling this military collectible - Stars & Stripes signed by Bob Hope

This copy of Stars & Stripes was signed by Bob Hope, my grandfather was in JAG during WWII and met Bob. All he had on him for an autograph was that morning's fresh copy of Stars & Stripes. It sat folded in a drawer until I found it. My mother told me this story and that is Bob Hope's signature.

July 13, 1945 - the war is ours to win, this date is significant in that it was the day of the Oak Ridge Petition in which atomic scientists approved the use of atomic bombs, "particularly against cities, be sanctioned by you as the Chief Executive." Basically giving the green light to drop the bombs. Of course, you wouldn't have read about THAT anywhere!
On the cover - Admiral Halsey - (apparently he did get to sea.)

Here's the Ebay listing!