Tuesday, December 3, 2013

1960's Bing Crosby Christmas Specials

Christmas Specials & Holiday TV Shows
Bing Crosby was more closely associated with Christmas than any other Hollywood star. Having recorded the seminal versions of so many Holiday carols his yearly Christmas hours were a tradition in most American homes with a TV set - right up until his posthumously broadcast 1977 special with David Bowie.

In 1965 Bing hosted The Hollywood Palace with Fred Waring and his orchestra along with the cast of Hogan's Heroes (huh?). This closing segment starts out with a jazzy Schlitz commercial; then what was a (painful) regular feature on these programs where Crosby's kids perform - despite there being no evidence of talent on their part or any desire to be there at all. Crosby performs his signature tune here, White Christmas.

As frequent host of The Hollywood Palace Der Bingle was a natural to host the Christmas Eve broadcast in 1966 - in color!

Here's the 1967 Hollywood Palace starring Bing with more classic Christmas melodies, this time with the King Family, another musical collection of relatives that were popular back in the day. You'll also see the original commercials!

In 1968 Bing Crosby was host to the Lennon Sisters, another musical family that 1960s audiences embraced. Want to hear a wonderful version of Der Bingle's 'White Christmas'? It's here in this medley of Bing's most beloved Christmas tunes. Glen Campbell and Crosby's family also appeared on this show, a chance to once again show off his talentless kids. Those Crosby boys were lousy singers!

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