Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jim Steranko 1970s Marvel Covers

After years away from the comic book industry Jim Steranko returned to Marvel in 1972-73 illustrating a series of seemingly random covers - westerns, horror, and superheroes.

While these covers lacked the intricate trippiness of his 1960s work they were all dynamic layouts superbly drawn. The weird thing, for the most part he drew covers for two consecutive issues and that was it.

Steranko Cover

SHANNA THE SHE DEVIL #1 & #2 (1972) - Two gorgeous illustrations kicked off this series.

Marvel Steranko Covers 1970s<

Steranko Comic Covers

CREATURES ON THE LOOSE #21 & #22 (1973) - These 1973 Steranko covers were far removed from the normal Marvel comics of the era when gape mouthed heroes and villains slugged it out to the death, all drawn in the John Buscema style.

Steranko Marvel Comics covers 1970s

FANTASTIC FOUR #130 & #131 - (1973) - Notice all of these Marvel covers were released during the end of 1972 and the beginning of 1973. (Steranko drawing FF in the 70s - let me luxuriate in that fantasy for a while.)  These two were inked by FF inker Joe Sinnott who did some knockout work with Steranko a few years earlier on Shield.


It was a pleasant surprise to see so many Steranko covers on Marvel comics during this short period - then no more!

Jim Steranko Fantastic Four covers

NICK FURY AND HIS AGENTS OF SHIELD #2 (1973) - Steranko returned to his signature character for 2 new covers over reprints from the sixties. A short but sweet return to Marvel for Jim Steranko!

Doc Savage by steranko

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