Thursday, November 14, 2013

Andy Kaufman is Alive? Says His Brother, Not Me.

According to The Gothamist comedian Andy Kaufman is still alive, living in obscurity raising a family. This news comes from Andy's brother and his alleged daughter.

As someone who followed Andy Kaufman's career from the start I'll tell you why this is highly unlikely. For one, a person like that can't go from being the most rabid publicity seeker on the planet - remember his wrestling bits? - and quit that cold turkey. Not for 3 decades. Ten years living out the hoax that he's dead? For a guy like Andy Kaufman, I could see that... almost.

For another, residual checks from the shows he did, where did/are they going? To his estate, his heirs? What responsible family man walks away from income like that? What could he possibly be doing for a living, working in an office somewhere? Certainly not performing and he was a consummate performer. It was in his DNA.

No one recognized him the first few years? Why would his brother 'out' him as opposed to a more splashy return by Andy himself? Too many questions. No doubt Andy would have loved the spate of publicity this latest 'Andy Is Alive Sighting' will inevitably bring -  like Bigfoot when he sees his face on the Enquirer every year.

Read the story for yourself and decide.

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