Sunday, October 27, 2013

Failed Wonder Woman TV Show Pilots

Wonder Woman on TV
by Billy Ingram

  Batman TV Show The hottest TV show in the nation in 1966 was Batman. Taken completely by surprise (it was so way-out everyone thought it would tank) the networks scrambled to find another established comic book character to capitalize on the craze.

 In 1967, Batman's producer William Dozier put writer Stanley Ralph Ross on the spec pilot - it was his job to come up with a format to bring Wonder Woman to the home screen. A brilliant and prolific TV writer/producer/actor, Dozier also served as Batman's narrator who intoned, "Same Bat-time... same Bat-channel" at the end of each episode.

Stanley Ralph Ross was quoted as saying, "Professionally what happened was that, after writing for Batman, I became more or less known as a person who knew how to write adaptation of comic books for television."

This resulted in a dreadful five-minute film for Warner Bros., a domestic sitcom entitled Wonder Woman: Who's Afraid of Diana Prince? It was the story of a typical American super-powered housewife. Think Bewitched with a tiara. Wonder Woman was played by two different people - a homely gal in the role of Diana Prince (Ellie Wood Walker of The New Interns) and a beautiful woman (Linda Harrison) after she morphed into Wonder Woman.

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