Monday, July 1, 2013

Jim Kelly Kicks Bad Cop Ass

Conservatives were frothing with anger over the Ferguson report. Talk about government overeach, jackbooted thugs enforcing how you cut your grass, harassing law abiding citizens, exactly what they've been railing against since Obama took office. (There's a whole section on the overuse of force against students by police in schools.)

Time to pick up your guns and take back the community, right? If not for this, then what? A sterling example of fascism right here, right now. Perfect opportunity for Tea Party True Patriots to stand with the people against... oh, who am I kidding. The city of Ferguson is a right wing wet dream.

Maybe we can learn from the Historical Tapes.

Football star, martial artist, and Blacksploitation film great Jim 'The Dragon' Kelly died on June 29, 2013. No Hollywood phony, before his acting career began, Kelly won the World Middleweight Karate title. Here's a scene from "Three the Hard Way" that shows just how awesome he was on screen, when an overwhelmingly white police force tries to set our man up on a drug charge. That old routine! 

I love how this scene plays, it looks like there's a hurricane blowing around them. No doubt accidental but it does serve as a metaphor. Notice also... cops today don't run in, they gun in.

More on the death of Jim Kelly.    TVparty! is Classic TV!