Friday, June 28, 2013

Saturday Mornings 1974

ABC was number 1 in daytime, including 'Funshine Saturday', and in primetime thanks to Happy Days. Here's a fall preview of their new daytime programs for 1974, one Saturday show was based on a prime-time hit of the past.

That was the trend of the early-70s (and beyond), cartoons based on My Favorite Martian, Addams Family, Emergency, Lassie, and Star Trek, were all broadcast on the big three networks the year before. This season an animated Partridge Family debuted on CBS, set in the Jetson's future.

NBC brought out the star power with a fall preview half-hour starring Jimmy Osmond. I don't know that the grotesque puppet minstrel show was very helpful... or appropriate. Really, 1974?

Land of the Lost was a big hit this year for NBC.

But this was the year CBS roared back into the lead with a live action show, Shazam! - that became the new craze and cartoons took a back seat for a few years..

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