Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How To Tell You're A Racist Without Turning Off The TV

If you supported the Bundy Ranch standoff but not the protesters in Ferguson you are a racist, or a dupe. Bundy was about perceived government overreach, Ferguson is government overreach on a massive scale for all to see. The Bundy's were dismayed the government MIGHT (but won't) come for their guns so they initiated an armed confrontation far worse than anything that's happened in the Ferguson uprising. Bundy supporters aimed firearms at federal agents, what do you think would happen if that were the case in Ferguson?

Yet conservatives are dismissive, antagonistic even, when they see their fellow citizens stripped of ALL of their rights. What could the difference possibly be? The Tea Party should be in an uproar over this, would be if the protesters weren't mostly... I'm going to assume you're intelligent enough to answer that for yourself.

I was skeptical of the video showing Michael Brown strong-arming a store and remain skeptical of the video now that it purports to show Brown paying for those Cigarillos, that nothing was stolen after all. But if you accepted the media/town's narrative right away that he was a thug, and it turns out to be wrong as it likely will, yes you're definitely a racist or so in the thrall of TV and radio talking heads that you can't discern reality from infotainment. Not sure which is worse.

Any true patriot would be appalled at what's going on in Ferguson but conservatives believe it can't happen in their world. They're right about that, when fascism does become the way of life in America (if it hasn't already) conservatives will be on the front lines with the police, getting their marching orders from the same media that brought them Steve Doocy and Gilligan's Island.

These are the people, like the GOP head of Missouri, that find it "Appalling" there are booths on the streets to register Ferguson protestors to vote. Can't have that now can we?

Remember when Trayvon Martin was killed? Like 50 years ago, right? Right wingers distributed pictures of him looking like a thug, except they weren't pics of the murder victim at all. Here's the latest ploy to demonize the victim, a provocative picture that claims to be Michael Brown but isn't. If this pops up in front of you you'll know who is so easily taken in by obvious racism.

This Tweet was sent by a Missouri cop, by the way.   Surprise Surprise Surprise!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Can't Bullshit a Bullshitter

If you haven't learned that life lesson let someone who worked in advertising break it down for you with two statements about myself that are absolutely true:

I received the Purple Heart during the first Gulf War - yet never served in the military.

I was up for the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2012.

If you come away believing that—I am a liar. But it's 100% accurate. This is the type of subterfuge most right wing sites, especially Breitbart and FOX News, engage in. Watch how it's done:

I received the Purple Heart (purchased from a second hand shop in LA not knowing what it was, I just thought it looked cool) during the first Gulf War (it just happened to be 1990) yet never served in the military. True statement, total lie (except for never serving).

I was up for the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2011:  Technically any actor appearing in a film screened in a theater is eligible for the Academy Award. That I did. Was I ever, under any circumstances, considered for the Oscar?  Hell no.  But I could say that if I had no shame.

No doubt you've experienced, or continue to be confronted, with this BS-ery in your everyday life. Are you too polite to point out when it's in play?  If so many believe a lie of omission is not a falsehood are we now expected to equate truth with clever word play?

Silly rabbit, I answered my own question.

Then again, if we called out every charlatan in our daily dealings we'd spend the entire day trying to reason with imbeciles and sheered sheeple, no time left for that sale at Belk's and lounging by the pool. What good does that do anyone?  Even the pool boy loses in that equation.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams Has Committed Suicide, Huffington Post Reports

The headline says it all but Huff Post's source link leads to an error page:


What's up? I'm just hoping it's some sick hoax, but his wife has - apparently - released a statement confirming it.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

How Hollywood Casts Blacks in Minor Roles That Look Bigger Than They Are

This is a trend that really kicked into gear in the 1980s and it still applies today.

If all your film's leads are white then the President, Police Chief, Mayor, whoever is in authority, will inevitably be black. This began as a response to cries that African-Americans were not being given the kind of exposure in the movies they deserved.

Studios felt they were covered, "Hey, the President was black!" even though the roles were small ones. Check it out next time you watch a movie with a predominantly caucasian cast.