Tuesday, March 11, 2014

First Look at The Flash (Possibly) Coming to The CW

Entertainment Weekly has published this advance look at the costume for The Flash, a pilot for a spinoff of Arrow that could air on the CW this fall.

The pilot, now filming, stars Grant Gustin as the Fastest Man Alive. (Unless he's racing Superman, in which case it gets complicated...)

If the show is picked up it will be the Scarlet Speedsters second series, the first was a one season wonder from 1990 that many people remember fondly. It did benefit from having actual comic book writers on the scripts. John Wesley Shipp portrayed the Flash in that version and he'll be seen in the pilot and as a recurring character if the show gets greenlit.

The origin story pilot was originally going the be incorporated into Flash's 3rd appearance on Arrow (as you do) but the network decided instead to do a stand alone hour in order to flesh out the character more.